Safety of our congregation

We take the spiritual and physical care of our congregation seriously. We will receive the offering at the back in the fellowship area either before or after the service. This will limit exposure that could be caused by passing it through the pews.
We will continue to have our fellowship time but will only use prepackaged items. Also, we are increasing efforts in sanitizing tables, counters, and have sanitizing gel at both entrances and on the pews. Although we will miss you, we expect that you will stay home if you feel ill but please, stay in touch with us.
Worry is not our friend, and panic is not our way. As people of faith, we will remain alert and respond appropriately. John 14:27.                                                                                                                                                                            Blessings Rev. Janice E. Hill

First Congregational Church of Tulare, United Church of Christ:  I’ve created a new YouTube channel as a contingency should we need to go virtual (and possibly viral – pun intended) with Janice’s sermons in light of social restrictions around Covid-19. The safety of our congregation, especially those at a higher risk, must be the number one priority. – Jason…/UCWFXWbijajQ5VMWnDKP…/featured

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