Pastor’s Request for interest in Bible studies!

Pastor’s Ongoing Bible Study

The congregation has voted to increase my hours to ¾ time.  Now I will have time to do some things that I think are especially needed. The first is an ongoing Bible study that deals with the basics of faith.  I plan to make these short term studies of 4 to 6 weeks each.  Each study will be free standing so you may take only the ones that you want to take.  Studies will require at least 5 people sign up in advance.

I plan to offer the first study starting some time the week after May 7.  The topic for the first study will be Biblical Foundations for Our Beliefs and Practices. This class will run for 4 weeks with classes being 1 hour each.

I need your help setting the day and time. I am available to teach Monday through Thursday and on Saturday.  My times are flexible.

I am interested in taking this class. _______________________________(your name)

The day that works best for me is: ______________________________

The time that works best for me is: _______________________________

Help Plan Future Studies

Please, let me know what you might be interested in studying.  I have some possible topics listed.  You may mark any of these and/or suggest something different.  Remember, these are to be studies that focus on topics that encourage faith development and growth.

Possible topics:

  • Basics of Prayer and Personal Bible Study: A How to Primer
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • Faith and Society: How to Put Faith into Practice in a Secular World
  • Philippians
  • Other biblical book studies ___________________________ (book)

What other studies might you like to do?


What day and time would you like to see a study offered?

Day of the Week (Not Sunday or Friday)______________________________

Time of Day ________________________

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