Outreach Ministries

We have many outreach and mission opportunities right in our very own church neighborhood. We help gather supplies for the Lighthouse Rescue Mission for women and children, which is located one block away. We participate in a bread ministry, which distributes left over bread from a local bakery to ministries where it is needed. Every year we participate in the Salvation Army Christmas Tree program where we gather gifts for children in our local community.

As outreach committee, we try to help others in numerous ways. For many years now, Linda Maybry’s bread ministry has helped bless the lives of many. We also help those in our local community and within our church . We do this by helping others in any way we can. For instance, we gather supplies that are purchased or donated and make emergency packs to help the homeless. In these bags are hygiene supplies and food items such as water, food, and a toothbrush and toothpaste. It is a continued motto of ours  that “Everyone needs a little kindness” and by helping others we help to spread the message of God’s love and compassion for all.

Protect our Kids:

Click here to sign a petition to urge Congress to pay attention to the Protect our Kids Act, a bipartisan bill. This is a critical piece of legislation that seeks to stop the senseless deaths of an estimated 2,000 children killed nationally each year from child abuse and neglect.  These deaths are tragic endings to a mere fraction of the reported 3,000,000 child abuse allegations each year in the United States.