Come, Joyfully Joining Journeys… All Church Family Camp

Come, Joyfully Joining Journeys…

All Church Family Camp


Community UCC in Fresno would like to invite your church and several others to join us for our All Church Family Camp at Camp Tamarack near Shaver Lake.   I’m pleased that we were able to reserve Labor Day Weekend as we did last year for this enriching experience in God’s enchanting forest.  It turned out to be a grand experience with warm “vibes” throughout the weekend.  More reasons to join us include:  You’ll be settled into your routine after school starts, the weather will be cool, the 8-10 feet of snow will be melted, fellowship will be FUN, you will enjoy delicious food, AND you will have Monday to “recover,” if needed, before returning to ‘reality.’  Those of you who are able, are invited to remain in Camp Sunday afternoon and night and Labor Day Monday afternoon (without a camp fee) to help pack up Camp Tam for the winter.  It is truly a fun and rewarding experience!


More details to follow, but in the meantime, SAVE THE DATES and

          Come, Joyfully Joining Journeys!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, August 30th – September 1st

Questions? Contact Annie Van Patten, Family Camp Director


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